Responsive Website

One of the primary types of web design is responsive website design. Everyone want to keep their website fully responsive in the modern 
Due to the widespread use of smartphones, phones are also used for web browsing. 
Your website should be designed in such way that it is simple to access on both computers and mobile devices in this situation.
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What is a Responsive Website

We may think about how our website responds with the aid of responsive website design, which is a component of web design. The idea behind responsive website design, which is popular in India and the UAE, is that the design and style should adapt to the user’s actions and surroundings in light of factors like screen size, platform, orientation, and web browsers. The adaptability of a website is included in responsive web design. It functions with adaptable layouts, pictures, and clever CSS usage. The website’s resolution, image size, screen size, and scripting capabilities should all be automatically adjusted as the user switches from their laptop to their iPad, smartphone, or any other tool.